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Factory supply best printed coral fleece fabric

Mar 8,2021

Printed coral fleece fabric is one of the more popular knitted wools at present. It is relatively soft, printed with advanced technology, has good fastness, high softness, good water absorption, not easy to pilling, does not fade, washable, delicate texture, beautiful It has the advantages of generous hand feeling, no irritation to the skin, and high warmth can keep people from the cold, whether you use it in a hotel, at home or in some other places, such as travel, picnics, sports, etc., can give you warmth And a good feeling.

Currently printed coral fleece fabric is widely used in blankets, clothing linings, toys, bedding, clothing, curtains, carpets and home textiles, shoes, hats, etc. We are a professional coral fleece fabric supplier in China, providing different styles of coral fleece fabric and a variety of colors to choose from, looking forward to your cooperation!

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